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Please join us in celebrating life as God has designed and commissioned each human life. We are here to help you find yours, so that you can live it abundantly!
Evangelizing through the Science of the Truth of God.

The wisdom of God is the law of everything everywhere on the earth and in the universe! So, the wisdom of God is the law on which God built science and everything everywhere. And the purpose of science is love, to ensure equal treatment and care for all things in creation.

To guarantee this universal love to all of His creations, God put everything in creation in automation and interdependency. 

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Religion is science and science is religion!

Religion and science are one and the same. Religion is macro-science while science is micro-religion. As in the electromagnetic spectrum, the difference between religion and science is in the ionizing power and the wavelength! Religion tends towards radio's wavelength and ionizing power, while science tends towards gamma rays' wavelength and ionizing power. Yet both are equally useful to human beings in achieving salvation, sufficiency and abundant life here on the earth. 

When God talks in the Book of Daniel about knowledge increasing, He is talking about the switch from the macro-science that is religion, to the micro-religion that is science! And it was not human beings that increased knowledge, but the God who gives knowledge. 

Human beings did not force themselves into the micro-religion that is science. They were led into it by God, at God's appointed time; which was the reason why there was a great pushback against the micro-religion that is science, when science first bubbled up inside the church of God on the earth.


Many lost their lives for their science, in the hands of the shepherds of God's flock. And others lost their reputation, their freedom, and their means of livelihood.


It is the same human wisdom that got the shepherds of God's flock, destroying and killing their own brothers-in-Christ at science's emergence in the church, that is, today, impoverishing, killing and destroying the faithful people in our politically correct societies across the world!

Whichever human experts possess power without full knowledge of the science of the word of God, use the power wickedly against innocent people in society! First it was religion through its refusal to gain the scientific knowledge of the the word of God, and now science, through pride, politics and prejudice.

We are a Christian organization that is dedicated to the teachings of God and of Jesus Christ, not as a religion, but as the truth of life, which God had designed His word to be, for the peoples of all nations. 

Religion failed in uniting the world as commanded the shepherds of God's flock by Jesus Christ, because religion failed to follow the science of evangelization, as shown in this diagram!


It is only by getting someone to believe that you care about them, that they listen to you, and learn from you. Not by demeaning them, brutalizing and enslaving them.


Religion has failed in uniting the peoples of all nations, but the infinitely advanced science that is the word of God has not failed, because true science never fails! 

God is only getting warmed up, readying Himself to champion his own cause, as He had promised in Ezekiel 34. Our ministry is here to serve as an instrument for God, in God's final push to get the science of His word to all peoples. Join us.

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